5 Steps to Successful Employment Offer Negotiations In The Construction, Engineering Industries

Many job candidates in the construction industry fail to negotiate when they receive an employment offer. Failure to engage in employment offer negotiations typically stems from an applicant’s lack of negotiation skills, fear of rejection, or worry that attempts to negotiate will anger a hiring manager. Construction and engineering professionals should arrive at the negotiating table armed with current salary data and a summary of their special skills. Below are five tips designed to help professionals in the construction and engineering industries successfully engage in employment offer negotiations.

1) Do your research. Arrive at the negotiating table armed with the latest statistics and salary trends in the construction or engineering industries. Make sure that the data you reference possesses the following attributes:

  • Citing data from the past twelve months will help your case.
  • Statistics and salary data that you cite should correspond to the position you seek and your qualifications.
  • Cite data from credible sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

2) Have your brag book on hand. Do not be afraid to remind employers of your accomplishments, awards, and notable projects you managed. You should also reference any contributions you have made to your local community. Summarize your professional achievements and activities in an organized format that will delight employers and enhance your odds of securing your dream offer.

3) Highlight your special skills and certifications. When you negotiate for additional compensation or job-related perks, you need to be ready to justify your value as an employee. Examples of relevant certifications or special skills that would help your negotiation efforts include the following:

  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM)
  • Certified Professional Construction Certification (CPCC)
  • Construction Engineering Certification

4) Be prepared to compromise. Ideally, you will succeed with your negotiations. However, there is a chance that an employer will reject your request or present a counteroffer. Remember to respond gracefully regardless of the news that you receive.

5) Follow up. It is unlikely that you will receive a confirmed offer immediately after you finish negotiating with a potential employer. In most cases, hiring managers will require time to finalize a decision and prepare an updated offer. In the interim, follow up with the employer to express your appreciation for considering your request.

Do not enter employment offer negotiations without a strategic plan. By following the tips above, you can increase your odds of success at the negotiating table and receiving the employment offer that you deserve.

How to Get Perfect Abs, Surprisingly it is Really About Presentation!

To get the perfect abs, you need to begin thinking about the task differently. In most peoples minds, images of sweating and groveling on the floor come to mind. However, if you approach it intelligently, you can really get a perfect set of abs without too much trouble or work.

To approach the task intelligently, first lets look at what we are really tying to accomplish then we can formulate a good way to complete our goal in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Abs are actually less about hard work and more about presentation. To illustrate the concept, let me give you an analogy. Lets pretend we got our mountain bike out of the shed and placed it on the ground laying it side ways. Then we take a thin blanket and cast it across the mountain bike. Immediately after the blanket settles we can see the bike. The bike is still familiar to make out. We can see the outline of the wheels and the peddles are sticking up through the blanket. The handle bars are easy to make out too because we can guess whats under the thin blanket, by seeing the clues and shapes of the bike.

Now lets try this again, but this time we remove the thin blanket and instead throw on a mattress. The thick mattress covers the bike entirely and gives absolutely no clue what is under that thick mattress. There are no shapes at all to make out. Just a mattress.

The fat layer you have over your abs can be like the thin blanket or like the thick heavy mattress. If it is like the thick mattress then you have no definition. The abs are actually a large muscle group that is easily trained and responds quite well to stimulation. You can literally create a desirable set of abs quite quickly.

For most people, the hard work is uncovering those abs, so they show. Getting a perfect set of abs is about presentation. It’s about reducing your calorie intake and reducing your body fat percentage.

How To Present Your Car For A Quick Sale

If you are trying to sell your car and you aren’t having much luck, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at what you are offering. You obviously want to let potential buyers know that you have been a reliable and safe owner, and a big part of giving them that impression is making sure the car looks presentable and tidy. Luckily there are several ways you can achieve this without spending lots of money in the process.

If you buy and sell cars regularly you might not worry too much about what each one looks like; it’s simply a case of selling them on as quickly as possible for a profit; the same applies to bikes and vans. But if you merely want to sell your old car in order to put the cash towards a new one, an hour or two spent on making sure it’s up to the job could well reward you with more cash in your pocket.

The first and most important step is to depersonalise your car. Get rid of your fluffy dice, all those stickers collected from your various days out, and the nodding dog on the back shelf. People want to see the car, not your personal belongings, and they will only distract from the overall impression the buyer will get.

Next, make sure the car is clean and tidy. Vacuum the interior thoroughly and polish the dashboard. This all helps to give the impression that the car has been well looked after. You should also clean the outside of the car and replace any old or broken wipers. You can easily buy car accessories online if there is anything you need to complete the job.

Don’t forget to clean the less obvious places. We stash all kinds of things in the boot of our car, so make sure there’s no evidence of the fresh bread you bought the last time you went shopping, or a handful of sticky boiled sweets from last year’s summer holiday. You should also move the front seats right forward to vacuum underneath them as best you can.

Before you show the car to anyone, make sure you check every single compartment and clear it of belongings. Check under the seats to ensure there are no credit card receipts, spare coins, old sweet wrappers or other items which would not only make the car look untidy, they could also present a security risk to you.

When you’re done, give your car the once over in the same way you would if you were a potential buyer. Ideally, get a friend or relative to check it out for you. This will help to ensure you don’t miss anything obvious, and you get the quick sale you want at the price that’s right.