Effective Presentations Guidelines

We make a presentation for an audience and we cannot ignore them as the whole purpose is to inform or educate them about a particular topic. While presenting it, you need to ensure a consistency throughout the presentation. It needs to be in sync with the brand image and company mission and objectives.

Prior to focusing on how to maintain a consistency we need to know why we need to be consistent and its importance. Format, font, font color and many other things when consistent ensure a professional look and approach towards the presentation. Apart from brand image, it also gives a flow to the presentation and connects with the audience.

You can use standard set templates for your presentation and if it’s a perfect one, half of your issues will be taken care off. A professionally designed template strikes a good balance between appearance and content; so that the focus is never taken of the main topic yet the looks are appealing to one and all. There are few basic key elements that are an important and integral part of template that include:

Color: Bland presentations fail to charm the audience and add to the boredom of audience. It has been observed that lack of color fails to attract and retain attention of the viewers. Though agreed that color are essential they should be wisely chosen and applied. You can use the same set of colors throughout the presentation. A template takes care of all this and the colors used are in accordance with the brand image and purpose is achieved. For example, titles or important word can be highlighted in a different color to attract attention or emphasize a particular point. Do keep in mind to use contrast as regards to font color and the color used in backdrop.

Fonts: fonts are as important as the colors and it’s essential to use standard fonts; if you are expected to give the presentation elsewhere it may happen that font applied is not installed in that machine and this will cause the format to be distorted. To avoid this, it’s advisable to use universal font style. Using odd fonts like cursive and all tend to take away the focus from the content and are not easy to read and comprehend too. Again, use 2-3 types of fonts depending on the content and need; do not use too many font styles.

Images/Graphics: Do remember that you are making a presentation and not an image or photo book. Insert images only if required; graphics are ideal in case the presentation is too wordy so that the length is altered or can also be used to take the presentation forward.

Formatting: This is important when you are not using a template and right from the 1st slide to the end everything needs to be in sync and perfect. Incomplete formatting makes the presentation look messy and cluttered. Easier and appropriate solution is to use professionally designed templates.

The ideal way is to go for a professionally designed template so that the relevant content in terms of quality and quantity and appearance. You can also take help from design companies that will give you tailor made and professional presentations.